Before we move on and see how this idea helps us shaping the upcoming experience, it is time to explain the meaning of the axes and the inscriptions on the right of each template since they are going to be very useful from this point on. This brings us to the unique quality that Storyply offers to the domain of designing for experiences. 
Experience Assessment Chart is used for emotional value assessment over time. 
It helps the team to generate a temporal map of how events unfold and how they impact the emotional state of the character over the course of the experience. This process opens up a whole new dimension to discuss about WHY and WHEN users feel the way they do, and WHAT could be done about this. 
Ultimately, our goal is to have a discussion about the emotional impact of the experience with respect to the values at stake. With all the insights we gathered from the previous steps now it is time to propose our alternative and see how things are going to change.
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