*NOT REALLY :) However, harnessing the power of storycraft will provide: [1] A fundamental instrument for thinking before acting, to project, predict, plan, and explain. [2] A universal common ground to communicate, collaborate, and discuss regardless of background or discipline. [3] A 'conceptual framework and vocabulary' that will encourage focusing on experiences. [4] A handle to consider the context of use in the temporality of action. [5] A shorthand to empathize with the people on an emotional level. [6] The ability to review and play with subjective qualities in concrete terms. [7] A real-time visual map of the ideation process. [8] A convincing strategy to keep stakeholders' interests intact.  [9] An emotional roadmap for potential experiences. [10] A reflection tool to view the sequence of experiences to discuss, detect problems and make changes quickly, easily, and inexpensively.