The ninth template is called "Capture Ideas" and its purpose is to scribble quick visual reminders of the initial ideas and directions that the project may take in the future.
STEP1: Make a quick sketch of the ideas and write a one sentence description below for quick recollection of the discussed idea for future reference.
STEP2: Make a note of any immediate ideas that pops up during the whole process and/or at the end of each session. 
During previous steps whenever there is a significant idea or a discussion topic which feels “off-track” but relevant, we should make a note of it. These are the information snippets that did not materialized completely in the heat of the discussion but feels potentially significant even though they might not have a clear purpose at the time.
The ideal outcome of the ninth and final step includes:
1. Crystallize a scattered number of idea snippets into at least three presentable ideas.
2. An opportunity for the team to take note of discussion points that could turn into interesting ideas in the future.

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