Once again, Let's just assess the moments of experience only in terms of positive or negative to see the change in Matt’s emotional response to this new set of events over the course of his experience. Like before we ask ourselves: how does our main character feels at each instance?Is it a positive feeling or a negative one? and them we will move that keyframe accordingly.
Let's start with the “Make Your Proposal” template  where we imagined a more desirable alternative that suggests a better experience. 
Now, We should make a record of this last experience arc in terms of positive or negative.
Obviously, We are not offering precise metrics to compare and quantify percentages and such. The experience arcs are merely a tool to visually represent the impact of emotional values over the course of an experience. Here, the primary outcome is the ability to discuss design directions as a team by looking at this impressional map. The Experience Assessment Chart allows the team to reflect on their imagined story and see how the envisioned experience could be better aligned with project values over time. 
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