We need a prominent character to lead the experience.
STEP1: The first task of this template is to give a face, name, age, occupation and location to the main character of the experience. Use one of the images you categorized if you like or just make a quick head shot sketch of the person that the previous stage inspired you and your team.
STEP2: The second task is to come up with supporting characters. Imagine the people around the main character who might have a direct influence on the experience. We’ll need them to support the story we are going to build. 
STEP3: Third task is to figure out the general motivations of your main character. Asks yourselves; what drives this person? What wakes him up in the morning. Write down and post up.
STEP4: The fourth and the final task of this template is to figure out the points of tension in our main characters life.
In order to empathize with characters we need to understand the underlying values at stake in their lives. Those values are shaped by their fears, concerns, worries and lack of satisfaction as well as motivation. What could be the vulnerabilities of this person? What keeps him up in the middle of the night? Write your individual opinions, post up and discuss…
The ideal outcome of the third step includes: 
1. A believable and relatable character to identify with.
2.  Starting to cultivate an emotional attachment with the main character.
3. Seeds of a story conflict. 
In our experience the vulnerabilities of a believable character produces a more interesting discussion on a much more personal level than any motivation can.
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