We call this template; Categorize Story Elements since it provides the design team with a pool of potential story elements that would assist them in the following process. For this step we will need the Insploration Decks. "Insploration" is a term we came up with to imply exploring inspirations to fuel our imagination. The decks contain an equal amount of pictures of People, Places and Objects. They are going to act as visual building blocks for the context of experience we are about to imagine. 
STEP1: As a team, let’s browse the Decks and see what jumps at us. 
The diagram of categories are to be filled with images according to their relevance.
People or in other terms; Characters is the first one. Places or in other terms; Settings is the second one and Objects or in other terms; Props is the third and the last one.  Prop are things such as objects, food, animals, etc., that could surround the experience space.
Think of these categories as building blocks of a potential context of experience. 
STEP2: With the project goal in mind, pick an equal amount of pictures of people, places and objects and place them on the diagram as you see fit.
The ideal outcome of the second step includes: 
1. Getting inspired by visual cues.
2. Starting to find clues that could spark contextual imagination.
3. Starting to think and discuss in terms of story elements.
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