STEP1: Imagine the setting of experience as vividly as you can by asking yourselves: where is this experience is taking place? Is it an urban environment or in the nature? Is it inside, or outside? Write it down.
STEP2: When is it? What is the year, season, month, the time of day? Write it down.
STEP3: Who are involved in this experience? Friends, Family. colleagues or total strangers? Write it down.
STEP4: What is around your main character? What kind of objects, a building maybe, or a tree, how is the light? Write it down.
Try to be as specific as you can. Asking those questions will help your imagination to build a believable setting for the coming experience. If the experience is taking place indoors a good tip is to imagine what would a surveillance camera see?  And if its outside what would a bird flying over the scene would see? 
The ideal outcome of the fourth step includes:
1. Agreeing on the spatial circumstances of the experience.
2. A visual representation of one snapshot from a key moment where we could observe the main character interacting with other entities at the location of experience.
Contextualize the experience step is imperative to add information about people, places and objects, in the same scene, at the same time.
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