The aim of this section is to describe the existing experience of the target user by envisioning a probable event that sets the experience into motion. Because in order to envision “how things could be” we first need to understand “how things are”. 
Imagine yourself drawing the first frame of a comic strip and make a very simple sketch of Matt as a start.  Then use another sticky paper to write down what he could be thinking or saying in that instance. Repeat this step until you have 5 Keyframes that describes the existing experience.
Now that we have 5 frames to describe the existing experience we can move on to the next step. 
Ignore the inscriptions on the right side of the templates for the time being, we will come back to them later. 
The ideal outcome of the fifth step includes: 
1. Start thinking about the experience by visually emphasizing how the characters feel over the course of the story with respect to their personal values.
2. Start building a believable character by adding more dimensions to the main character.
3. Imagine an inciting incident that could lead to a memorable event that may help the team to identify a conflict.
Next step is to envision the consequences of the conflict we captured in the previous section. This will help us to fully appreciate the motivation behind exploring for alternatives.

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