Hi, I am Berke Atasoy. Welcome to Storyply Tutorial.
In this tutorial, I’d like to share with you a conceptual design method that will help with envisioning, discussing and assessing user experience ideas. 
Any design team seeking for innovation and claiming to follow a user centered approach needs to be able to place user experiences at the very center of their creative intentions. This is easier said than done since, for decades now, designers have been honing their creative skills to produce tangible objects. So, we’ll need all the help we can get to re-orient our creative focus from objects to experiences.
Storyply offers useful guidance for that re-orientation. 
We will use a case project to demonstrate how Storyply works. Our client is a mobile experiences provider who decided to build a mobile application for urban travelers. The target user is someone visiting a new city on a tight schedule and still expects to have a memorable experience. Istanbul is their pilot city and the project is called: Sounds of Urban Life. It’s a bit of a mouthful so let's call it SoUL from now on.
We will follow 9 clearly defined steps and I will demonstrate and offer suggestions on how you can make the most out of each step. At the end of this tutorial I am hoping to leave you with a useful tool that will help you and your team to structure an early conceptual design process with creative confidence.
Let's start with what we will need to conduct a STORYPLY session.
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