The second year Industrial Design studios are concerned with issues of innovation, styling, redesign and human-product interaction. Design projects at this stage focus on the functional requirements of products, while introducing systematic thinking and scenario building.
Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design
The core elements of industrial design education at METU Department of Industrial Design are the design studio courses and the open jury system. Taking 12 hours per week each semester, design studio courses aim to deliver professional education via hands-on practice. These are conducted in the four design studios, one for each year of studio education, where every student has their own workspace. Each semester students are expected to carry out a number of design projects, increasing in complexity as students progress through the program. Each project is concluded in an open jury where completed projects are evaluated by a jury composed of department members and professionals from the industry.​​​​​​​ The design studio courses, taking 12 hours per week each semester, constitute the core of the undergraduate education at the Department of Industrial Design. These courses, which aim to deliver professional education via hands-on practice, are conducted in a studio environment. 
I was an external member of the teaching staff and supported Second Year Industrial Design Studios, 12 hours each week for 3 years.
I would like to thank Gülay Hasdoğan for her initiative and support.
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